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Euromachs' News

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A new 2nd level degree a the University of Salento: EUROMACHS - European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society A new 2nd level degree named "EUROMACHS - European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society" starts in academic year 2015-16 at the University of Salento. It it the first international course within the degree class LM 43 ("Computer Methodologies for the Humanities").

Jointly developed by the "Dipartimento di Beni Culturali" and the "Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Innovazione" of the University of Salento, Euromachs proposes a learning path shared with three other European Universities, Coimbra (Portugal), Graz (Austria) and Turku (Finland). The course aims at qualifying professionals who will face the new challenges posed by the promotion, development and protection of cultural heritage in Italy and Europe. Read more