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Euromachs' News

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The "Digital Humanities" 2nd level degree course was created as an evolution of "Euromachs", a pre-existing international partnership launched in 2006 by the same network of European Universities that supporting the current Master's Degree. "Euromachs" obtained recognition from the European Commission in the "Creativity and Innovation: Best practices from EU" sector.

Digital Humanities is big news for our University. Born in the academic year 2015-16, it was the second Italian course in the same degree class (LM-43, "Computer Methodologies for Humanities") and, withinn the same class, the first to be delivered in English and to benefit from international partnership.

The main objective pursued by the course is to promote the integration between knowledge of the European cultural heritage and current developments in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) fields, by training new specialists and experts capable of satisfying the growing need for new contents posed by the Information Society and by bringing them to effectively master these skills in practical applications.

Although Digital Humanities (so renamed in the academic year 2020-2021, previously "European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society") started with the partnership of the universities of Coimbra (Portugal), Graz (Austria), Cologne (Germany) and Turku (Finland) and, since its inception provided for the exchange of students for one semester between partner universities, the difficulties created by the COVID-19 pandemic made the needed renewal of the consortium agreement impossible in due time. Therefore, only for the 2020-2021 academic year, the international status of the course had to be dropped in view of its restoration next year. The course will however continue to be delivered in english.