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What does it mean to study in Lecce? Lecce is the ideal city for art lovers. Walking around to Lecce means walking through ancient times by admiring unique masterpieces of their kind. If you are still undecided about spending your studies here, you need to know that studying in Lecce is the opportunity to let you combine love for art and study it. The yellow and brilliant stone engraved with friezes, statues and crowns of ancient stone will be your fellow travelers in your stay here. Lecce is famous for its splendid churches, but every aspect of the city is voted to art. Studying in Lecce will allow you to appreciate art at a distance from your faculty, with the help of the means of transport you can reach the historic center, study in the park, visit the many museums or archaeological excavations of a breathtaking beauty. Choosing Lecce means choosing art, Baroque, and direct contact with the artistic realities of research in the field of information technology for cultural heritage in order to safeguard, enhance and protect the cultural heritage. We are waiting for you. You will be welcome!