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The University of Salentohas experienced significant growth in recent years, consolidating and strengthening its role as the driving force behind the local cultural and social system. From Brindisi to Lecce, passing through the Extraurban Polo of Arnesano, just outside the town center, the University's facilities and offices are an undisputed heritage of the Salento, in a continuous tradition of tradition and innovation, rooting in the territory and Opening to contemporaneity. Thus, visiting the University of Salento is a pleasant journey between ancient buildings, cloisters and former convents (such as the Convent of Olivetans, the headquarters of the Rectorate or the Cloister of Prince Umberto), where the flavor of the local cultural and historical heritage is breathed , And new cutting-edge design, such as the Ecotekne campus and the La Stecca building, the heart of scientific and technological research. A dynamic and versatile reality, in short, enthusiastic about enhancing its university community, in the light of scientific progress and the sharing of cultural and human capital.