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From the press release:

"The course aims at training specialists in the use of digital technologies applied to the cultural heritage area, with appropriate knowledge in the field of archaeological, historical and artistic research, capable of an high level interaction (both on a local or central base) with the italian “Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo” and analogous european ministries, with local authorities (regions, provinces, municipalities), with other agencies, institutions and public companies operating in the field of the study and protection, management, use, communication and enhancement of the cultural heritage.

Euromachs graduates will be able to apply for the following positions:

- Expert of digital technologies for Cultural Heritage (for public and private institutions);

- Popularizer of historical, archaeological, historical and artistic topics for publishers, radio and television, computer sites;

- Expert of databases and GIS technologies applied to Cultural Heritage;

- Expert of application of computer technologies to the study of ancient texts".